The Santa Cruz White Album Ensemble
Promo photos

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Press clippings

The White Album Live and RubberRevolver performances have received rave reviews in publications far and wide:

“The Beatles are long gone, so we’ll never get to see them play. Enter Beatles cover band The White Album Ensemble. The band has sold out many a performance of their White Album Live show, and now they’re taking on Rubber Soul and Revolver for their next round of concerts. As cover bands go, this one ain’t too shabby – it boasts cellist Barry Phillips, who played 2002’s Concert for George where he accompanied Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton.”


“A must-see show for Beatles fans…”

Santa Cruz Sentinel

“Thank you again for the White Album Ensemble’s excellent performance at our benefit concert. I’ve heard from many audiences that this was the most memorable concert they have attended.”

— Chiung-Chi, Santa Cruz County Symphony


“This wonderful local group is the next best thing to hearing the Beatles perform these albums live (which they never did…)

— UCSC music professor Fred Lieberman


“…musically, they were tighter than a hangman’s noose… an excellent performance…”

— Metro Santa Cruz


“Many people felt they would enjoy the concert. But a common response in the wake of those shows was that people weren’t merely entertained, but transformed.”

— Wallace Baine, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/25/03
    (full article online here)

“You will be blown away by hearing this music done impeccably by the core eight-piece Santa Cruz/Monterey-based White Album Ensemble.”

— Beth Peerless, Go! Magazine
    (Monterey County Herald)
, 6/3/04

“…prepare for blasphemy — the Beatles themselves might not have been able to do it any better… this was the best local concert in Santa Cruz in years.”

— Wallace Bain, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 6/3/03