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The Santa Cruz White Album Ensemble


Upcoming Shows:

Friday, Feb 9, 2018 - tix
and Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 - tix

"Unplugged" @ Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz CA

The WAE will be back at the traditional Valentine's Day weekend "unplugged" performances at Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz. Please note the shows are FRIDAY, Feb 9, and SUNDAY, Feb 11th (sorry but we could not get the two nights in a row).

The band is recovering very well from last year's flu, and we know and sympathize with many of you going through it… it was the worst!
So, time for a romantic weekend live performance of Beatles songs like "In My Life," "Julia," "Blackbird,"and "All You Need is Love" at the lovely Kuumbwa Jazz Center. It's become an annual event, usually selling out. The 200-seat club has not a bad seat it the house, and while we offer free chocolates the Jazz Café offers food, sweets, wine, beer, and coffee — we always look forward to this "playing in someone's living room" feeling.

Thank all of our friends for staying in touch and on the email list, we enjoy your comments, and are humbled by the distance some travel, extra apologies to those who came from out of town or state only to have the band incapacitated a dark theatre in December — and a quick postponement saved the day, but not for all.

Buy tickets online here!

Physical tickets are also for sale at Streetlight Records, on Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz.

Heres to a Happy Healthy New Year to all!

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